This is me - Coach Pat, with my own mum Teresa who inspired the Thrive Beyond 40 program.

I have practised as a personal trainer, nutrition coach and meditation teacher for 6 years and during this time I have worked with hundreds of mums, assisting them with their health and wellness goals. From weight loss, to building strength, stress management and boosting energy, each mum has come in with their own unique goals and needs and I have made it a priority of mine to ensure together we build program tailored to the individual needs of each mum, so they can reach their goals and thrive!

Throughout my life I have seen my own mum give up her time and energy, for myself and my siblings, for family, friends, work and everything else in between. She left little time and energy to take care of her own health and wellness and this eventually this took its toll on her health. Over the last 12 months she has been on her own weight loss and health journey, losing 10kg and getting back to things she loves, such as singing.

Seeing her as well as all the other super mums I have worked with prioritise their needs and take control of her health and wellness has inspired me to create this program to help more mums to the same.

My approach is simple - we will take things one step at a time, developing a plan around exercise, nutrition and self care that will fit seamlessly into your lifestyle and allow you build a healthy habits in these areas that will allow you to maintain your results for life and unlock your true potential as the super mum you are.