Helen Wilson

Pat has helped me create a change in myself that has meant no hospital stays, no blood pressure tablets, less stress and a change in my appearance. I have improved the quality of the time I spend with my boys, actually being present, not just sitting with them because I was tired. Thank you Pat. Thank you for your belief in me.

25 kg weight loss

22% body fat loss

Improved health markers, lower stress, increased energy to play with her children.


Dani Muscara

Caring, motivating, knowledgeable, patient, empowering, adviser in all aspects of life. Pat believes in his clients and takes the chance in you. Pat has invested so much of his personel time into me reaching my goals.

9 kg weight loss

12% body fat loss

Improved nutrition habits, increase in strength, energy and hormonal health.


Trinity Plewis

After working with Pat, I not only achieved my original weight loss goal but so much more. I had support in all aspects of making a positive change in my life, from nutrition, to stress and time management. Sometimes thinking it was all too hard, Pat would be there to coach me through the lows and stay on track to a better me. He is an awesome guy with a big heart of gold.

15kg weight loss

17% body fat loss

Improved exercise and nutrition habits, improved mindset leading to lower stress and greater self confidence.


“He’s more than a health and fitness coach but more a life coach. He’s empowering and motivating and helps you see a different perspective to things. Over the past 12 months I have come a long way and it’s all because of Pat. I learned to love myself again, I learned to be aspiring, motivated and set goals to become a better version of myself.

— Shikha Khana

Pat is a passionate and incredibly capable individual who is making the world around him a better place everyday. I’m so grateful to have him as a coach!

— Georgia Nugara